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To Tom Hiester's H.O. Parts! Your One Stop Shop for Tires, Chassis, Motors, Bodies and Much More.... While others have come and gone, Hiester's has stood the test of time!

Styrene Bodies Made In House

Looking for Different Style Bodies From The Good Old Days and Present? Look No Further, We Have Them In Stock And Ready To Ship....

DIRT Modifieds

If Modern Day Northeast Modified Bodies Are Your Speed, Then We Have What You Need, From Plain Bodies to A Full Assortment Of Todays Drivers!....

Series Racing

We Race Starting In the Fall And Go All Winter Long. This Sport Is Very Inexpensive And Fun For Drivers Of All Ages To Compete....

Sprint Cars

If Sprint Cars Are More Your Speed Then You Stopped At The Right Store! Get All Your Sprint Car Needs Here at Hiester's....


Hiester's Prides Itself On Running Strict Rules That Allow All Drivers To Keep Costs Down To A Minimum! This Puts The Control In The Hands Of Each Driver and Makes For An Even Playing Field....


Our Bodies Are Molded In House, You Can Buy Them Plain, Or Tom Will Custom Paint Your Favorite Driver For You....


Though We Race For Fun, We Also Race To Win! Each Season A Point Champion Is Crowned In The Sprint Division And Also In The Modified Division! Trophy To The Champs....

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Hiester's Silicone Tires

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Year Champion Year Champion
1978-79 Tom Hiester 1979-79 Tom Hiester
1979-80 Tom Hiester 1980-81 Tom Hiester
1981-82 Tom Hiester 1982-83 Mike Degler
1983-84 Tom Hiester 1984-85 Tommy Iaeger
1985-86 Guy Intelisano 1986-87 Tommy Iaeger
1987-88 Guy Intelisano 1988-89 Jeff Columbo
1988-89 Guy Intelisano 1989-90 Brian Burkhart
1990-91 Mike Degler 1991-92 Jeff Columbo
1992-93 Tom Hiester 1993-94 Tom Hiester
1994-95 Jeff Columbo 1995-96 Jeff Columbo
1996-97 Jeff Columbo 1997-98 Jeff Columbo
1998-99 Jeff Columbo 1999-00 Jeff Columbo
2000-01 Rich Pigeon 2001-02 Bob Zelano Sr
2002-03 Tom Hiester 2003-04 Tom Hiester
2004-05 Jeff Columbo 2005-06 Jeff Columbo
2006-07 Sheldon Hiester 2007-08 Sheldon Hiester
2008-09 Sheldon Hiester 2009-10 Shane Hiester
2010-11 Shane Hiester 2011-12 Shane Hiester
2011-12 Sheldon Hiester 2013-14 Sheldon Hiester
2014-15 Sheldon Hiester 2015-16 Shane Hiester
2016-17 Sheldon Hiester 2017-18 Shane Hiester
2018-19 Shane Hiester 2019-20 Shane Hiester
2020-21 COVID-19 2021-2022 COVID-19
2022-23 Shane Hiester 2023-2024 Shane Hiester

1979-79 = Summer Series


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