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To Tom Hiester's H.O. Parts! Your One Stop Shop for Tires, Chassis, Motors, Bodies and Much More.... While others have come and gone, Hiester's has stood the test of time!

Styrene Bodies Made In House

Looking for Different Style Bodies From The Good Old Days and Present? Look No Further, We Have Them In Stock And Ready To Ship....

DIRT Modifieds

If Modern Day Northeast Modified Bodies Are Your Speed, Then We Have What You Need, From Plain Bodies to A Full Assortment Of Todays Drivers!....

Series Racing

We Race Starting In the Fall And Go All Winter Long. This Sport Is Very Inexpensive And Fun For Drivers Of All Ages To Compete....

Sprint Cars

If Sprint Cars Are More Your Speed Then You Stopped At The Right Store! Get All Your Sprint Car Needs Here at Hiester's....


Hiester's Prides Itself On Running Strict Rules That Allow All Drivers To Keep Costs Down To A Minimum! This Puts The Control In The Hands Of Each Driver and Makes For An Even Playing Field....


Our Bodies Are Molded In House, You Can Buy Them Plain, Or Tom Will Custom Paint Your Favorite Driver For You....


Though We Race For Fun, We Also Race To Win! Each Season A Point Champion Is Crowned In The Sprint Division And Also In The Modified Division! Trophy To The Champs....

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As of October-2009

  1. Modified bodies only!!!
  2. No armature lower than 6.2 ohms on an ohm meter. Any funny looking amps will be not be allowed to compete.
  3. Only the stock Tyco nipple back brushes can be used. Slotted or flat backed brushes are NOT legal. This is as of 1/1/2007.
  4. Armatures must be stock - NO rewinding, de-winding, truing of communicator, balancing, gluing or re-soldering of wires, or advancing timing.
  5. Axles, gears, front & rear rims, white axle spacer (rear), guide pin, all magnets, and pick-up shoes & springs must be in stock & working position.
  6. Front tires must be stock Tyco or o-rings. Rear tires must be stock slip-on silicones or stock Super Tires, only! No silicone coated sponge tires!!! No cutting, trimming the edge, or other alterations to the rear tires are permitted. This is as of 1/6/06.
  7. Armature magnets must be stock. Traction magnets must be stock and in the stock mounting position with no gluing of any magnets. Traction magnets must be of matching polarity. Motor magnets must be run in stock position. White one on left top.
  8. Maximum width of car at any point is 1-5/16 inches.
  9. Power will be shut off for all accidents. Cars will be put on where they end up after the accident.
  10. There will be two 1-minute pit stops allowed per driver during the course of the event. Additional minutes will mean a deduction of one lap for each additional minute.
  11. Tyco 440-x2 chassis and bulk heads only. No bearings!!!
  12. First five places will be torn down after completion of show.
  13. Stock Parma controllers with alligator hook-ups.
  14. No loaded brush barrels. No split brushes. No drilled brushes (added 1/1/08).
  15. You must have three stock spacers on the armature. Two (2) must be in front and one (1) must be in back. All three spacers are required and no more than three spacers are allowed. This is as of 1/15/98.
  16. We will no longer allow the wide window stock Tyco armature. Only the narrow window with the clip on the end.
  17. All parts or replacement parts must be available to all drivers over-the-counter. No homemade parts allowed!
  18. Mattel's newest bulkheads with the green wire armatures cannot be used.
  19. Only factory plastic motor spacers allowed.
  20. No reversed zapped magnets allowed anywhere.
  21. Side body tabs may be sanded but no other sanding or cutting or grinding is allowed on the chassis.
  22. You may glue or Loc-tite: a) the rims to the axles, b) the pinion to the armature shaft, c) the white gear spacer and axle gear to the axle. No other parts may be glued or Lock-tited. This is as of 11/18/04.
  23. If there is anything you do not like, bring it up at the next driver's meeting.
  24. No heat treated brush springs or pickup springs. As of 1/1/08.
  25. Modified bodies must resemble dirt or asphalt modified body. That includes hood, 2 doors, roof, 1/4panels, deck lid & optional rear of trunk. As of 1/1/08.
  26. If you are caught illegal in a tear down at a weekly show or PA TYCO SERIES race the next race that you show up for the car that you are going to race will be torn down when all cars are on the line & the race is ready to start. That way you can't change the car. And if this one is illegal you are done for the night of racing. As of 4/21/08.
  27. Tyco Ski-Shoes will be allowed for the 2009-2010 season.  BSRT #236 Ski-Shoes only.  As of 10/15/09.

Please Note: We are here to enjoy the sport of H. O. racing. If you are cheating we don't need you. So if you don't want to look bad when you get caught don't cheat. We will not tolerate the cheating. If you must cheat to race go do it somewhere else. It only hurts the club, the members, and yourself! Think about it! Thank You. - Tom


As of September-2004

  1. Sprint body with cage & wing on top of cage. Wing must be 1"x1" with one side panel on each side of wing.
  2. Stock Tyco 440-x2 narrow chassis
    1. May change to any front axle.
    2. Rear axle must be stock.  
    3. Any front tires & rims allowed.
    4. Everything else must be stock!!! Must be in stock location & working order!!!
    5. No armature lower than 6.2 ohms on an ohm meter.
    6. You must have the white spacer in the center of the axle next to the gear.
    7. No spacers are allowed between the chassis and the tires.
  1. Wings must be securely fastened to cage. Front wing is optional.
  2. Any over the counter 20t-25t axle gear is legal. As long as they are available to everyone. As of September 1, 2004 the 18t and 19t gears are no longer legal.
  3. Mattel's newest bulkheads with the green wire armatures can not be used.
  4. Only factory plastic motor spacers allowed.
  5. No reversed zapped magnets allowed anywhere.
  6. Side body tabs may be sanded but no other sanding or cutting or grinding is allowed on the chassis.
  7. If there is anything you do not like, bring it up at the next driver's meeting.
  8. All other rules apply from Tyco Modifieds.
  9. Only stock Tyco rims or .250 Yellow double Flanged rims with Hiester's Silicone Tires.  Effective 10/11/12


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